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Yellow Logistics is a coast-to-coast third-party logistics (3PL) brokerage that combines trucks, technology and talented professionals to deliver customized shipping solutions.

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Our Logistics Services

Explore the things we can do for you through the wide variety of logistics services detailed below.

Truckload Direct

Need a full truck? Our fleets and trusted partners have the capacity to ensure you’re always covered.

Intermodal Service

When shipping entire containers of freight, capacity comes at a premium. We can make it as seamless as possible.

Residential Direct

We make it easy to get larger-than-parcel items from a warehouse or store to your customer’s front door.

Engineered Solutions

Every shipment is different. That’s why our experienced project engineers create customized solutions for each project.

Retail Pool Distribution

Our team of experts can tailor pool distribution solutions to the unique supply chain needs of each customer.

Contract and Reverse Logistics

Got freight that needs to go the other way? We make recalls and returns safe, reliable and cost effective

Express Direct

Whether you need a truck, flatbed or even a plane, we have the capacity you need—no matter what, when or where.


We have the logistics solutions to meet any supply chain need. Contact a Yellow Logistics account executive today to find out how.


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